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What We Do:

Sponsored Projects Administrators help faculty with the mechanics of getting research proposals through internal approvals (via Kuali Research) and submitted to the sponsor.

Upon award, we represent the university in research contract negotiations and facilitate award set up.

We coordinate any contractual needs during the course of each project and ensure close-out requirements are met.

Who to Contact:

Each Sponsored Projects Administrator is assigned a portion of the university. Click here for contact info and assignments.

For post award financial needs/questions contact Grants and Contracts Accounting .

Recent News and Announcements planned downtime, September 23-29, 2022 - No Kuali Research S2S proposals can be submitted during this time

Reminder to Secure Your eRA Account with Two-Factor Authentication Today

NSF 2021 Biosketch announcement

New guidance on Biosketch and Current and Pending Support for Federal Sponsors

BYU Experiential Learning & Internships has created and launched the Partnering Hub as a directory for project sponsors, students, and the campus community to be aware of the varied capstone/project experiential learning opportunities on campus. Click here for faculty and staff partnering information, including a workflow for the partnering process and sample non-disclosure and capstone sponsor agreements.

NIH Proposals and RPPR Required to Disclose Foreign Activities and Resources Effective 5/25/21

Current Guidance for Sponsoring Agencies regarding COVID-19